Project Outputs

The main project outputs are:

1. A guide on sustainability competences for green jobs to be disseminated in secondary schools.

2. Training course in 4 environmental topics and business innovation (in-class training, e-course and based on the training material).

3. Transfer of know-how from the expertise partner to participants from beneficiary countries and work experience for participants of the main target group.

4. Job matching, good practice, and idea sharing online platform.

5. Standardised and accredited educational programme based on the training material.

6. Young NEET professionals participating in local sustainability projects.

7. Business and technical mentoring of participants to encourage entrepreneurship.

8. Engagement of stakeholders for the adoption of good practices.

9. Policy recommendations for national governments and EU Institutions on improving employment situation of target group.

Several minor outputs are delivered during the project and they are all published in the Output section. Have a look at our work!

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YENESIS benefits from a € 2.3 M grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants. The project aims at creating employment opportunities for NEETs in islands


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